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X-Treme Fitness Indoor Boot Camp

The Florida weather will NOT hinder our Boot Camp! Our 4500 sq. ft. state of the art training facility accommodates X-Treme Fitness Boot Campers with the most innovative training regimens to disintegrate fat, get lean, gain muscle, improve strength, endurance and overall health and fitness.

Metabolic workouts consisting of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Tabata, kickboxing, aerobic and anaerobic strength circuits will engage and ignite the Afterburn Effectalso known as EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption). Not only will you burn a significant amount of calories during these specific workouts but will continue to burn calories after exercising potentially lasting up to 36 hours!

What's important is not how long you workout for but rather how INTENSE your workout is. (Hint)

The plethora of exercise tools: kettlebells, dumbbells, X-Treme battling ropes, TRX suspension, prowler sled, etc... and variety of exercises will challenge all fitness levels from beginners to seasoned athletes. The highly energetic enthusiasm and comradery of your trainers and fellow X-Tremers will encourage and motivate you to survive each class and will inspire you throughout your fitness journey!

Life is Living... Living is Health... START Living a Healthy Life

We pride ourselves on our family oriented atmosphere and welcome you to become a part of our Wah Lum X-treme Family!

Call (407)298-8186 now for more information!

Wah Lum of North Orlando
7113 Forest City Rd. Orlando, FL 32810

Phone: (407)298-8186

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