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Sifu George Kee


  • Training since 1983 under Grandmaster Pui Chan, sixth generation successor of the Wah Lum System, thirty-third generation successor of the Shaolin Temple, China.

  • Chief instructor for 5 years at Wah Lum Kung Fu headquarters. Orlando, FL.

  • Member of the Wah Lum professional demo team.

  • Featured with Grandmaster Chan in "Secrets of the Warrior's Power". Discovery Channel. 1998.

  • Martial Arts video reference for the movie Mulan.

  • Martial arts performer at Epcot, Splendid China, MGM Studios, Universal Studios and various other locations throughout the US, Jamaica, Bahamas and China.

  • Trained under Grand Master Zhang in China. 1994.

  • Performed with the Shaolin Monks exhibition tour.

  • Performed with Beijing Wushu Team. Orlando, FL.

Achievements and Awards

  • Third place team competition. Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Martial arts Tournament. Columbus, OH, 1997.

  • Silver medalist in weapons division, Beijing International Tournament, Beijing, China, 1994.

  • First place Weapons division. US - Chinese Nationals, 1993.

  • First place Lion Dance competition. Baltimore, MD, 1991.

  • First place two-man empty hand fighting set. Baltimore, MD, 1991.

  • First place choreographed weapons fighting set. Baltimore, MD, 1991.

  • First place team choreographed hand forms. Houston, TX, 1989.

  • First place hand forms. US Open. Orlando, FL, 1984.

Wah Lum of North Orlando
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