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Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan, translated Supreme Ultimate Boxing, is one of the finest products of Chinese philosophy and culture. Based upon the principles of the I Ching (Book of Changes) and the philosophy of Yin and Yang which means we must maintain a balanced way of life, Tai Chi is a system of rounded, flowing, balanced movements to be practiced daily for health and peace of mind.

Three main styles of Tai Chi are: Yang, Chen and Wu. The principle of all styles is the same: to teach the student to know him/herself and to improve psychologically and physically. It also improves sensitivity to others and increases awareness of his/her own environment.

Yang Style Tai Chi

Noted for its natural postures and gentle flowing movements, the Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan combines energy with gentleness in its actions, following a circular path. Each and every movement contains the technique of countering and neutralizing the adversary.

The beginner student may determine the amount of exercise in accordance with his or her age, physical conditions and specific requirements.


Tai Chi Basic Exercises

You will learn power breathing techniques (Chi Gung), basic Tai Chi hand movements and stances to improve balance and motor control.


  • Hand Forms

Self Defense Applications

Tai Chi movements are based on self defense techniques even tough the movements are done very slowly. Tai Chi is a martial art and not merely a form of exercise or meditation. The practice of "pushing hands" is important for the self defense techniques of Tai Chi.

Benefits of Tai Chi

Millions of people practice Tai Chi every day to increase concentration, improve overall health and for toning the body.

Tai Chi Chuan's form of exercise has been used for nervous tension, rheumatism, ulcer, high blood pressure and for good circulation of the blood.

The soft, flowing movements of Tai Chi help people of all ages to improve their physical condition, decrease fatigue, and develop endurance.

The combination of turning, stretching and twisting movements work to release tension allowing every part of the body to be exercised without strain.

Concentration, coordination, flexibility and balance will improve over a period of time, and many degenarative and stress related conditions are relieved by practicing Tai Chi daily. The ability to rejuvenate rather than exhaust makes it a valuable exercise program in our active and fast paced society.

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